New Virtual Survey HUD Provides Real-life Measurements

First Opinions Panel HUD

A Marketing First

Tretiak Media, LLC, in collaboration with the Social Research Foundation (SRF) have created the First Opinions PanelTM HUD for the Second Life environment.

First Opinions will be the first representative standing panel in Second Life with over 1000 members profiled for over 33 demographic attributes. It is designed to provide Fortune 500 companies with resident insight and feedback on new products, services and policies. They are looking for virtual residents who spend at least one hour a week inside Second Life and are willing to provide Real Life information such as age, income, geographic location, and education levels as well as Second Life information such as length of residency, land ownership, purchase patterns, and virtual business activities.

Andrew Mallon, Executive Director of the Social Research Foundation, says “The key question is: How does a company find real value in a virtual environment?” To be studied are the advantages with virtual focus groups over live ones, web- and mail-based surveys. “One obvious answer” says Mallon, “is we can observe peer group interaction, something you cannot do in a web- or mail-based survey.”

Tretiak Media designed and developed the First Opinions Panel HUD (heads up display) for exclusive use within the Second Life environment. This allows all elements of the survey process to be completed inside the virtual world from sign up to completion. Tretiak Media will also manage the capturing and maintenance of data for SRF during the sign up process.

Patrick Ward (aka Damek Tretiak), President and CEO of Tretiak Media, LLC, says “We’re extremely excited to be a part of this growing effort to understand Second Life and it’s residents. Our collaboration with SRF provides us with additional opportunities to explore the integration of Real Life and Second Life information. We believe these surveys can foster a much needed understanding of how to build and maintain value inside a virtual world.”

Technical Specifications

Key features of the HUD include:

  • Simple and automatic sign-up for the First Opinions Panel
  • Clean, fast loading design
  • Randomly created private chat channels for capturing text-based information
  • Dynamic question builders with multiple question types and choices
  • Ability to move backwards and forward throughout the entire survey
  • Conditional logic to allow for sections within the survey such as Yes/No answers and intermissions
  • Secure and stable data collection

The HUD will be available via First Opinion Panel kiosks throughout the Second Life grid.

About The Social Research Foundation

The Social Research Foundation ( was incorporated in the Fall of 2003 with the initial purpose to research online educational solutions for vulnerable groups in society, e.g. children/youth, immigrants, seniors. Their first project was Investingame, the first comprehensive, web-based interactive instruction on stock market investing basics.

About Tretiak Media

Tretiak Media, LLC ( integrates Real Life with Second Life to create immersive, interactive, and elegant user experiences. Our team consists of proven leaders and professionals in the fields of marketing, design, development, networking, and publishing. As a result, our global consulting engagements include Fortune 500 companies and have spanned the globe from North and South America to Europe and the Pacific Rim.


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