Version 2.4 is Ready!

I’m very proud to announce the latest round of updates to the product line. This is a big update and comes with some exciting new features on our previous products, plus the introduction of a new search billboard called the SLQ infoStation. is continuing to expand and gain more exposure, so expect more enhancements and performance improvements in the coming months. You may also notice the new kiosks and posters that are being placed throughout the grid. This a new campaign we’re unveiling to gain even more interest in SLQ products and services.

Introducing the SLQ infoStation

New to this release is the SLQ infoStation, a free public kiosk for Second Life that links to a web-based instant message system. Jump into chat or invite your friends from either RL or SL.

Plus, it includes all the power of the SLQ infoHUD unplugged. You can walk right up to an infoStation and search for items, news, blog entries, the web, and more! View images for items submitted to the site or see what the latest SL news is directly from

This version also comes with a direct link to search the Second Life Library 2.0 via a focused search against all the Info Island projects.

SLQ infoBox v2.4 Release Notes

The infoBox (previously infoKit) has been updated with some significant performance improvments. A new buffer system has been developed to manage memory issues and speed up transfers to the site.

This release also introduces the new notecard module, which let’s you add entries to the site by simply filling out a notecard. You can now include descriptions, tags, and image keys when uploading to the site.

A new cloaking feature has been added to the infoBox, which let’s you make the box completely invisible. In addition, the box prims are changed to a phantom state so that you can walk through the box without worrying about tripping over invisible prims.

Finally, a new progress bar has been added, which shows you how far along in the process the box is during uploads to the site.

Unfortunately, there is no upgrade path to the v2.4 series. Future updates will include the option to use an upgrade disc. But due to some of the changes in this release you will need to transfer your items to the new boxes manually.

SLQ infoHUD v2.4 Release Notes

The infoHUD has had quite a few performance improvements added to it along with some bug fixes.

  • Removed the word “teleport” from item results
  • When opening a teleport map, the HUD will now move out of the way automatically
  • Fixed flight script not setting correctly on rez
  • Image now closes when main HUD window closes
  • Image now clears and closes when clicking on a new item
  • When an in-world texture image is available, the “more…” button now shows an image icon
  • Changed the teleport icon to a lightning bolt, which better describes it’s purpose
  • Adjusted the positioning of instructional text
  • Other minor bug fixes and texture adjustments

Please note that our in-world update server recently crashed and so you will not be able to automatically update the infoHUD from previous versions.

This is a great release and is starting to show the power of the SLQ engine, so I’m excited to see how far it will go.


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