500 Members and growing!

I’m proud to announce that the slquery.com site has just reached past the 500 registered member mark. Many of these are from the apez.biz site run by Cenji Neutra. He has graciously provided a steady stream of new members and products from his site to both help the SLQ system get up and running as well as provide him with additional search features for his own clients.

The site seems to be growing at a rate of about 6 new members a day right now. Not necessarily turbo speed, but it’s still growth. I’ll be interested to see how well it does in the coming months as I roll out the new infoStations and updates to the infoHUD and infoKits.

A few other statistics you may be interested in:

  • Kits Distributed: 1,268
  • Active Items: 8,054
  • Active boxes: 71
  • Active news entries: 142
  • ACtive blog entries: 39

So, it’s slow growth, but we’re growing nonetheless. I think the site needs some more aggressive PR and an active advertisting campaign to really see the growth I’m looking for. Up till now, though, I’ve been concentrating on building out the site and seeing what kind of interest there was in it.

An interesting and important trend of great interest to me though, is that the site is becoming more than just a search engine. It’s transforming into an information platform for other in-world projects. An external database for SL.

For instance, Abbey Zenith of the Second Life Library 2.0 and Info Island has entered over 480 items into the database through the new notecard enabled infoKits. These items are part of the larger library search system we’re putting together so that anyone in SL can search the various info islands to find out where that information is located.

Another example concerns my partnership with SL Business Magazine. I’ve included the ability to retrieve their latest issues and free gifts directly from the infoHUDs and the upcoming infoStations. Together, we’re building out a networked set of kiosks, HUDs, and information stations that will enable anyone within SL to gather relevant business data and news from anywhere within the grid.

I’m seeing the SLQ system evolving more and more into this platform for distributed information. Search will always be a part of the site, but I think some of the more interesting projects will be related to the distribution networks that get built as a result of the research and development put into the slquery.com site to begin with.

Stay tuned, I’m sure this is just the beginning for SLQ.


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