New Site/Info Huds are Out!

I have released the latest version of the Info HUDs to coincide with the release of some very exciting changes to the site.

You’ll notice that the name has been changed to Info HUD (previously known as Search HUDs). This is due to the growing number of functions available on the HUD. I felt the Info HUD described the use and features a little better, since it’s not just related to searching anymore.

Major highlights for the new HUDs include:

  • New Search Types: SLQ Items, SLQ News, SLQ Blogs
  • New Blogging Feature – blog or bookmark wherever you are in Second Life
  • New In-World images available – Adding an in-world UUID to the site form provides a view of this texture on the hud when user’s request additional information via the Info button.
  • New External Links available – Adding an external URL provides the ability to click to that web location from in-world
  • Lots of important bug fixes
  • New Options button which also allows you to register and/or change your password right from your HUD

Major highlights for the website:

  • News Section added, which is a growing collection of on-going news stories about Second Life from around the web
  • Blogs Section added, which catalogues blogs made from users in-world
  • Comments can be made on all items, news, and blog articles.
  • You can now post up to 3 images per item entry or blog entry
  • RSS Subscription Feeds have been added for all sections of the site, including by author, which means you can subscribe to a specific author’s items, news, or blogs using your favorite RSS reader.
  • Tags! All items, news, and blogs can now be tagged as well. Which means you can use the normal search features or browse via a tag-based url to get to items you’re looking for. A tag cloud is available for each main area of the items, news, and blog sections.
  • Author profiles available. If you’ve chosen to add a picture, url, and/or description of your profile, it can now be viewed whenever someone clicks on your username.
  • New image viewer. I’ve added Lightbox functionality when viewing images, to make it a little nicer interface.

Major Highlights for the new Item Kits:

  • Completely rewritten boxes have been bug-tested and proven to be effective for hundreds of items at a time
  • There are now 2 versions of the box: 1) a basic model which lets you update items on the site, and 2) an integrated box which lets you add your items to both and at the same time.
  • New interface improvements to let you know what’s going on when a box is working
  • Updated tracking features that no longer require keeping the old UUID of the box somewhere in the description areas.
  • Use as many boxes as you need and make as many copies as you need.

I’ll be explaining each of these in more detail over the coming days.

For now, enjoy!

~ Damek


2 Responses to “New Site/Info Huds are Out!”

  1. 1 Linda Zimmer December 3, 2006 at 12:56 pm


    This is a brilliant tool. It’s fast. It travels with me so compactly in “hide” mode and is an all around great search tool!

    Great job. Great resource. Thank you for the site, for the InfoHUD and for all the work that you are sharing!

  2. 2 damek December 3, 2006 at 4:53 pm

    Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

    I’m making a lot of improvements that will be out shortly. Stay tuned!

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